Public Policy Agenda


United Way of Illinois' public policy agenda reflects the work of United Ways across the state in the areas of education, income and health. Additionally, United Way advocates for sound policies affecting the non-profit sector's capacity to advance the common good. United Way of Illinois has established engagement strategies within each of the following four areas:

EDUCATION: Laying the Foundation for Future Success

Illinois' competitiveness in a global economy depends upon academic achievement. To succeed, students must enter school ready to learn and navigate the transitions to high school, post-secondary study and work.

To ensure children receive a quality education and stay in school through graduation, United Way will:

INCOME: Fostering Strong Communities through Financial Stability

Financial stability has taken on greater importance for many Illinoisans as our economy struggles to rebound. Households that are financially stable and have sufficient income to support their families create a stronger community and economy.

To ensure families and individuals have the resources they need to achieve financial stability, United Way will:

HEALTH: Preventing Chronic Disease and Ensuring Access to Care

Access to healthcare is the key to ensuring Illinoisans can lead healthy lives. Receiving healthcare early in life and throughout adulthood is an important way to prevent obesity and chronic diseases that are becoming more prevalent today.

To ensure families and individuals are able to live healthy lives, United Way will:

COMMUNITY STRENGTHENING: Building Capacity to Advance the Common Good

Much like roads, hospitals and schools, community services are part of our state’s vital public infrastructure that must be maintained and strengthened. In order to continue advancing the common good, we must make sure the state has a well-managed and highly coordinated network of community services.

To ensure Illinois has the essential services that protect public health and safety, revitalize local economies and enhance learning, United Way will:

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